A Letter From Diana

Diana Conti for Assembly 2014
Dear Friend,

Welcome to my website. I am excited to be running for Assembly in the 10th AD because I, like most Californians, want real change that actually shows up in our lives. I want to have confidence in State government again, and I want to know that the taxes I pay will be spent wisely and result in providing what we really need. State government is stuck because our elected legislators represent constituents with very different views about how to achieve the quality of life we all want.
There is no quick fix, and changing that will not be easy. But it has to start somewhere, and it has to start now.blurb
With public support, real change can and does happen. When people have confidence in State government, they are willing to invest in it.
In order to achieve real lasting results, a new common ground needs to be developed along with a steadfast commitment to get it right for all Californians.
My career as a CEO of nonprofits and public policy advocate spans three decades; and I have run programs in nearly every health and human service discipline that receives state funding, also including criminal justice programs to prevent recidivism.
I am in my second term as a Trustee of the College of Marin, having been elected twice as the top vote-getter. I have a reputation as a “pragmatic peacemaker” and a track record of being able to solve complex, highly-charged problems and bring groups with disparate points of view together to create real solutions.
I currently live in Mill Valley and also have deep roots in Sonoma County, where I lived and worked for many years and where many members of my family still live.
I believe I can serve our District and our State well and with a true commitment to making our State a better place to live, work and raise a family.
I can be reached at diana@contiforassembly2014.com or phone 415-990-8798.

Thank you.

Diana with parent at tot lot in Sonoma town plaza